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Interim Manager

Interim Manager

Work Experience

---- Interim functions

Insurance company
Operations Complex Services
Team manager a.i.

In the position as an Interim Manager responsible for the department Operations Individual Complex Services.
Responsible in organization and budget for handling all complex mutations of several individual live insurances.
Organize the department (OICD) directly after a reorganization of the division Operations Individual and manage handling of the large back lock situation of frequently incomplete dossiers, with several months old mutation requests.
Assist the new team management with their new management situation.
Advise in strategic situations and implement new procedures in the Operation division.

Automotive company
ICT department
Interim Manager ICT

As Interim IT manager responsible for the IT department in the Netherlands and the contacts with the Head Office in Paris.
Organization, budget and technical responsible for the internal processes, in a network and mainframe environment.
Responsible for the project planning of a large number of projects, partly in an international situation.
Advises and support of a large dealer communication project during the research period.

Ernst & Young Interim Management
Information & Automation Hospital
Manager I&A a.i.

Creation of a new department I&A after a merge of two hospitals. Start building new network infrastructure. Report to the Hospital board. Selection new Manager I&A.

Ernst & Young Interim Management
Information Technology Center, Consultancy firm
Manager ITC a.i.

Interim Manager ITC because of vacancy and waiting for possible reorganization of this department
Direct control of 4 team managers and indirect to 20 employees. Responsible for the organization, budget and the technical environment. Report to the responsible board member of the Consultancy partnership. Advices at the reorganization of the internal IT departments.

TTP Autmatiseringsdiensten b.v.
IT organization Retail Company
Interim Manager

Manage and reorganize the Information Center and a number of project leaders. Advise at and manage some projects for automation of offices and shops. Advises for the future development.

---- Permanent or contract functions

Project Manager SunTec - India
Software delivery project

Accompanying a software improvement project at SunTec in India. It concerned a Billing software system of the ING bank what is in management by LogicaCMG. Introduced at several communication processes a quality improvement. The mutual communication improved. Recommendations and support given to the Support department. Recommendations given concerning doing business in Europe. Monitored the progress of the several projects.

Project Manager LogicaCMG
Process Transitions CIS and MS

Accompanying the process transitions, which were necessary for the aggregation of the internal LogicaCMG Central Information Services department and the LogicaCMG Managed Services Business Unit. It concerned the aggregation of 14 ITIL processes, 13 general processes and 4 technical surroundings. Set-up a start for 4 processes, which will becomes further developed and implemented during the daily operation of Managed Services in 2004.

Project Manager Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Objective of the project was carry out those activities that are necessary for a successful migration and take in use of a renewed Worldwide Information Network which is managed by an external supplier.
The Worldwide Information Network exists of country line connections and satellite connections and is of strategic importance for the communication between the MFA department and the MFA locations worldwide.
Reaching this objective was, phase 0, accompanying the process of European invitation to tender of the Worldwide Information Network of Foreign Affairs. The selection of an external supplier and the drawing up of a definite agreement with this supplier, phase 1, the migration of the renewed WAN of 15 pilot connections and phase 2, the migration of the renewed WAN of 150 connections.
This project has been implemented for the direction ICT. The project exists of 7 subprojects headed by a Team leader or Project manager
Substantive expertise has been provided by:
Employees of technical management, concerning the definition phase and migration.
Employees of management services concerning expertise in the field of European invitation to the tender (purchase and legally);
Specialists with knowledge and experience concerning telecommunication and data communication.

Project Manager LogicaCMG

Preparation and coordination of the physical removal of the Finance Insurance Division, in the office in Woerden, to the Amstelveen office.
Maintain contacts with the several suppliers.

Communication facility company, insurance companies
Project Management
Project Manager

As Project Manager responsible for 8 automation projects in order of several sales units.
Meeting Point, the new communication platform for several insurance companies and there sales contact persons. Representing the company as service party, for ‘building’ Meeting Point, technical and commercial. Contacts with assurance companies, software development companies, hardware hosting partner en Meeting Point.
Setup Certificate Service, creation of a technical structure for digital passports to facilitate better sales en service.
Axis, repair project of software for the claim service environment.
User Contract Management (UCM), upgrade of the company administrative systems SAP, IBIS and LDAP, connected with all infrastructure. Create the project definition of a new project, SAIL. This project will again upgrade the three software environments.
Data Transaction Monitor, impact analyze for the replacement of this communication facility in relation to the ‘end of live’ of the X-25 communication network of KPN.
OpenLDAP, replacement of the iPlannet LDAP by OpenLDAP. LDAP is the authorization reference database for all internal and external facilities of company, especially digital passports and company certificates.
Digital Passport, project for changing the logistic process for the requests for a Digital Passport.
Company Application Certificate (BAC), setup of the technical and logistic environment for the use of Company certificates (alternative for the personal related Digital Passport.

Consultancy company
Insurance – Project Management
Project Manager

As Project Manager responsible for 3 internal competence projects.
· Development of a demo program for accounting a pension shortage.
· Start of a Document Management System for insurance companies.
· Research for the possibilities for the setup for a separate Interim Management competence.

Social Security Bank
ICT Services
Project Manager

As a Project Manager responsible for five projects in order of the I CT department
Pilot implementation of a Data Management System, scanning, indexing and handling all incoming mail in the Rotterdam office.
Relocation, replacement and implementation of the server park of the Utrecht office to the head office in Amstelveen.
Implementation of a new strategy for all the back-up and restore facilities for the complete NT server park (100 servers in 10 offices).
Start research for the implementation of Single Sign-on. Standardization of passwords on all SVB systems
First research for the consequences for the company wide implementation of Windows 2000.

Audit, Tax, Consultancy and Law organization
Support Organization
Manager Support Organization

Setup central Support Organization as part of the ICT department for the Dutch firm. Responsible for the Service Desk, 2nd line Central Support, Regional Support and Control department. (ca 70 employees in 8 different locations)
Member MT ICT organization. Responsible for Dutch implementation of several international projects.
Responsible for a number of local projects.
Regular meetings with the Regional Chairman’s of IT and Heads of Staff of the facility services.

IT organization
Division Operations
Support Manager

Management of the IT-Support, Field Support and Help/Analyze desk groups.
Redesign and support the change process of the organization to a Total Service Provider, of Mainframe, Mini and Pc environment, for break/fix to consultancy.
Creation of the IT-Support group as support unit of the consultants. Efficiency increase of the Field Support group. Integrate and expand the help desk and analyze desk activity's.

CAD system developer
Field Services
Manager Field Services

Setup a Services department, which was recently created by a large internal reorganization.
This included the reorganization of the group Technical Service and the Support Group and give it financial base. Introduction of new support concept. Creation of a group Logistics and include the Purchase activities. Sales of maintenance and support contracts for hard- and software.
As a member of the MT, creating the company policy, and as the "facility-manager" responsible for the company facility, including service personnel.
As Product Manager Purchase, responsible for the (new) company purchase strategy and in this case frequently contacts with the sales department and suppliers. Supervision of several internal and external projects.

Automotive system developer
Technical Services
Head Technical Services

Rebuild of the Technical Service department to a profit-center.
Budget and turnover responsible.
Selling of maintenance contracts, support contracts and other service products of the service organization. Policy responsible within the MT and coordination of the removal from three locations to one new central location. Setup of the internal automation and computerized after-sales system.

IBM dealer
Service and Support
Manager Service and Support

Reorganize and rebuild the service and support organization.
Setup an internal order processing and stock-manage system.
Pre- and after-sales support. Within the MT, the 'rebuild' of the organization and setup a new strategic policy.

Computer company
Support Department
Product Support Manager

Create a service organization and outsourcing this service.
Manage the warehouse and some activities for the European distribution center in Amsterdam.
Setup of the support activities for dealers. Take care of training of new products for dealers and sales employees. Pre-sales projects and guidance.
Responsible for the entire technical organization within the company and member of the MT.
Frequently traveling between the offices in the Netherlands, Great-Britain and Germany.

Trade company
Technical Services
Service Manager

Mission to setup a more professional Technical Service, as part of one of the four divisions. This Data Division did selling and servicing of peripheral products in automation.
Selling of maintenance contracts, setting up a better service planning, spare-part system and support.

Computer company
Field Engineering Division
Field Engineer

Mainly in the field installation, maintenance and repair of an multiplicity of systems in the 'mid-range' of the Field Service organization of about 200 engineers.
Working in the whole country, but mostly in the Amsterdam region and at the Head Office, sometimes in foreign countries. During the years more and more support and pilot projects. Educated mostly in Great-Britain and the U.S.A.


•HBS Lorentzlyceum, B (mathematics), 1968
HTS Amsterdam, Electronics / Industrial Organization, 1974
Mercuri Goldmann, Sales, 1986
DOOR, Business management, 1989
DOOR, Performance appraisals, 1990
DOOR, Staff appraisals, 1991
Rooimans, Management, 1993
Nijenrode University, Project Management, 1998
Academie voor Ondernemerschap, Change Management, 1999
CMG Academy, Commander, Project Management 2, 2001
CMG SECRET, ISDP Foundation (security), 2001
CMG Academy, ITIL Foundation, 2001
NIBE-SVV, Introduction Insurances, 2002
CMG Academy, PRINCE 2 Foundation, 2002
NIBE-SVV, General Education Banking Business, 2005
Key Business Controls Bid Process Foundation, 2005
Key Business Controls Bid Process Practitioner, 2005
Function Point Analyses, 2005
OPM ( Offshore Project Management), 2006
Berenschot assessment Interim Management, 2006
Business English C level, 2006
Energy University for You (EU4U) module General, 2008
Utility University for You (UU4U) module General, 2009
ERP (SAP) training, 2009
ISO 14001 environmental management workshop, 2010
CGI Projects Module 1, 2013
CGI Projects Module 2, 2013
CGI Projects Module 3, 2014
CGI Project Management Assessment, 2015


Programme Management
Project Management
( Interim ) Management
Change Management



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